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Democratizing of artificial intelligence for private investors

Creating equality within the financial markets through Neo Investing

Our Mission

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used for years in the analytical and investment processes of banks and institutional investors.

Private investors do not yet have access to the multitude of advantages from such technology. This is exactly what we plan to change here at Sub Capitals.

We make AI accessible to all private investors on the global financial markets, so that everyone has a fair chance to participate. 

The FinTech startup for more equality

Sub Capitals is a young, ambitious FinTech startup from Munich, Germany.

Directly from the center of Europe, our team has been working on developing its own trading systems and has been automating them through machine learning since 2017.

We rely primarily on scientific findings and generate our experience from best practice examples. What many interested parties lack is the know-how and time to deal with the financial market as well as understanding the world of investing. We want to use our technology to make these two realms as easily accessible as possible.

This will not only close the gap in the market, but it also creates financial inclusion for everyone regardless of their knowledge of the financial markets.

We are not a classic robo advisor - we go one step further

Our approach is to analyze the financial markets exclusively by means of machine learning and, on this basis, to make the most precise predictions for their future development. This approach gives us increased flexibility and security in our trading system.

Our AI technology can be compared with an autopilot, in which you can simply lean back in any market situation and still reach your destination safely.

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How can I use the technology?

Since we want to make access to our artificial intelligence (AI) as easy as possible for you, we work every day to perfect our product so that you no longer have to worry about a trading decision as soon as it hits the market.  

Thanks to cooperating banks, our program is setup in way that allows you to use our services directly from your own depot and invest with little start-up capital. Because of this, we can allow everyone to enter the world of the financial markets and experience the automated portfolio management of Sub Capitals. We refer to this approach as Neo Investing; the new way to invest. Neo Investing- the new way to invest.

Neoland –
A place beyond
traditional investing.

Start your own artificial intelligence (AI) with fictional money now and let it analyze the financial markets. Get to know your AI and compare the difference of your portfolio with the average.

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