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Our Technology

The combination of machine learning, cloud computing and big data has led to a surge in development in the field of artificial intelligence. We also benefit from it, but what exactly is it and how do these three aspects come together?

Machine Learning

With the AI ​​it has developed, Sub Capitals focuses on the sub-area of ​​machine learning, in German machine learning. 

Basically, machine learning is a combination of algorithms and data. The algorithms automatically learn patterns and relationships that they generate from collected data. This allows you to systematically improve your outcomes without having to reprogram an entire system. This is how machine learning is able to decisively solve problems.


Cloud computing is an approach to provide IT infrastructure, such as virtual computers and databases, to users via the Internet. The cloud solution providers take care of the maintenance and operation of the services provided.  

This means that no huge computers or servers are required in the Sub Capitals office for the implementation of machine learning, but the required computing and storage capacity can be easily obtained via the Internet.

Big Data

The availability of data is also a key factor for the breakthrough of AI or machine learning. Between 2015 and 2020 alone, the amount of data generated each year has quadrupled. We therefore deal very intensively with data that have an impact on the financial market and analyze millions of data points every day. 

The AI ​​collects and evaluates price data (time series for stocks and indices), text data (news, tweets, financial reports and analysts' opinions) and alternative data in order to make the right trading decisions for users.