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Our belief

The Sub Capitals team calls for more equality and fairer treatment of technological change.

The team behind Sub Capitals

Otto Bschorer

Simon Bongarz

jr. Data Scientist

With two master's degrees at the same time and a great enthusiasm for data science, Simon monitors the sentiment of the financial markets at Sub. As a research officer in the area of "Sentiment Analysis", he has our AI analyze even more data in order to also incorporate the media into decision-making in the long term.

Sandra Hinkel

Sandra Hinkel

Creative Director

She was born with visual communication. Her work reflects the external appearance of our Cooperate design. As an interdisciplinary designer, she knows how to think about any problem and how to devise creative solution strategies.

Franz Liebermann

Franz Liebermann

CFO / Business Development

As a business geek and serial founder, he knows how to establish a company and how to get people involved in his exciting ideas. The goal of ensuring more equality in the financial markets drives him on every day.

Marc Schmid

Marc Schmid

CTO / Data Scientist

Marc has already gained a lot of experience from data science projects with established companies. Since the first line of code for Sub Capitals and his scientific approach to building data-driven trading systems, his commitment has been to our artificial intelligence.

Marius Siegert

Marius Siegert

CEO / Data Analyst

As the driver and initiator behind our vision, he launched Sub Capitals in 2017 with his first own automated trading system. Since then, he has no longer used his time for the daily analysis of the financial markets, but for our vision: to democratize AI for private investors.

Franz Liebermann

Daniel Ziegler

Frontend Development

Als Retter in größter Not, als es um die Entwicklung unseres ersten Prototypen ging, freuen wir uns Daniel weiterhin als Bestandteil unseres Entwicklerteams sehen zu dürfen. Mit gutem Gewissen können wir jegliche Frontend-Thematik an ihn weitergeben.

Our Partners

To round off our competencies, we work together with selected partners.

Development Partners